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There are definitely times when skimpy lingerie is appropriate for the romance you have in mind, but that does not mean that there will not also be times when you might want a little more coverage. Just because you do not show as much skin at the beginning of a romantic interlude, does not mean that your boyfriend or husband will not think you are just as hot. There is as much to be said for being pretty and elegant at times as there is for being hot and sexy. Of course, you will know what your guy really likes the best, but variety is the true spice of life, especially in the bedroom.

Some ladies think that the more skin they show, the sexier they will be. This can be true, but there is a lot to be said for discretion. The less you show can also mean you will be more intriguing and leave more to his imagination. Sometimes it is good to leave somethings left to be discovered slowly instead of throwing everything out there at once, so to speak. Elegance is timeless and always alluring, so a soft and silky peignoir or sheer wrap can be just as provocative as a corset and a thong.

The type of romantic encounter you have in mind should help you determine whether you will want to wear something a little more revealing or something a little more subtle. A leisurely evening with a few glasses of wine and some soft music by the fire might be the perfect setting for a little more coverage. Some men will enjoy the element of surprise and a bit of anticipation. That is what true romance is all about.

Another good thing about wearing something that has more flow and covers a little more is that it might make it easier to move around the room if you like. You can even feel more comfortable during the time preceding the main event if you wish to put it that way. Sexy does not not have to mean trashy, thought there is something to be said for that too when the time is appropriate. Once you learn the man you are with, you will instinctively know his likes and dislikes and when and what is right for him. You will want to show your man the many different sides you have to yourself and soft and sexy is a combination not many men can resist.


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